TV Documentary

Bold, colorful but still some kind of retro - this is the TV- magazine „headlines“ which gives an overview about digital learning and schooling in germany. How do our neighbors use digital tools in class? Why is Denmark one of the EU-leading countries in digital schooling?

Some highlights from the intro sequence of the magazine. The goal was to hint at the interplay between analog and digital learning.

I was responsible for the overall conception and visualization for all Motion Design parts within the documentary. In close cooperation with the TV-Jornalism departement of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg we produced several pop up animations as well as an intro and outro for the 40 minute long film.

In addition to the opening sequence and the end credits there are several explanatory clips that explain and illustrate facts with the help of motion design.

Many Thanks to the whole team!

Motion Design

Sarah Klostermeier, Chantale Eglin


Title Design, Explainer Animation


Philipp Lust


Julia Winschewski, Josefin Dobirr, Nina Kormann, Vivien Betz, Johanna Gräwinger


Conception, Design and Animation, conceptual and technical consulting