A collection of graphics made for film

I love to accompany projects from an early stage and to develop a unique visual language in collaboration with the team. Here it often starts with typography as an ultimatic tool to get to the core of a project. During my studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg I designed several logos for film and TV.

Logo design for a dystopian science fiction film about the climate crisis and its consequences. The typography should be bold, self-confident and convey a certain touch of activism.

The designs above were a first step in giving the multimedia sci-fi series „Cybercity“ a visual identity. The still ongoing project is enriched by the motion design with several screen designs, holograms and a title sequence.

What could the NASA of the future look like? My design for the „Uncharted Space Company“, which is omnipresent in the series „Cybercity Lovestory“, deals with this question.