Reef Radio

A room installation to protect our reefs

We receive news round the clock. About corona, politics and the latest tweets of an orange president. However, news from underwater are rarely broadcasted. Worldwide our reefs are dying, unseen and unheard. So – what if the reefs could stream their own news? What would they report, look, sound and feel like?

We filmed, cut, edited and animated every scene by hand to explain all differents threats in detail. In the end, we created a film which can be projected onto three walls to create an immersive underwater feeling.

No water , no Life. No Blue, no green.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Marine Biologist & Explorer

additional footage

Coral Sea Foundation (

Marcus Hauck (

Daniel Bichsel (

Martin Hess (

Thomas Malz

Stefan Pape (

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Motion Design, idea and production

Tatjana Theuer, Chantale Eglin


Bachelor Thesis Communicationdesign


Carlo Völker, Peter Albrecht

Thanks to all our supporters on gofundme

Huge thanks to Marcus, Anna and the whole team from Divepointmaldives!