Screw it

Von Schrauben und Voegeln Title Design

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The dramedy with fantasy elements „Von Voegeln und Schrauben“ (engl.: "Screw it!") is about Revenge. Victoria, a famous art collector who wanted to expand her collection by stealing an old family heirloom, has to face the consequences of her actions. As every character has a turning screw on his back, time is a valuable resource... .

Part of my assignment included on-set photography to get a feeling for the look of the set and the costumes.
Here I was able to capture close-ups of textures that were used in the design afterwards.

Pitch Concept #1 / Both the title and the plot changed as the script evolved. This was the first design concept. As a kaleidoscope was the central trigger of a quarrel between the main characters, this draft came about first.

Pitch Concept #2 / The old script version was about two competing characters. So the second design wanted to show the two antagonists turning around each other in a methaphorical way, symbolized by the two parts of the letter "W".

First row: initial title typography sketches for „Von Schrauben & Vögeln“ vs. the final outcome.

Motion Design

Chantale Eglin


Title and Credit Design


Gunda Bergmane, Olivia Sieranski


Holger Enck


Christoph Hans


François Sternkiker


Vincent Dolinsek


Vincent Dolinsek, Christoph Hans