Silence is a beautiful sound

End Title Sequence & Title Design

The documentary gives an insight into the lives of six different people who manage their daily lives with cochlear implants and sign language. They all have something in common: they lost their ability to hear. My task was to design an end title sequence and a movie poster matching the theme of noise, silence and individuality.

Some stills from the end credits. The sequence is divided into two parts: in the first, the main actors are introduced once again, while in the second, purely by typography, the rest of the involved film team is mentioned.

One color is used for each of the 6 protagonists. It was also important to show that silence is nothing dark or scary.It opens a space for discovering sensations and possibilities. The line as the only moving element picks up the theme of „noise“, „sound“ and „silence“.

In cinemas soon

Motion Design

Chantale Eglin


Title and Credit Design


Nathalie Lamb, Christoph Kuehnisch


Christoph Kuehnisch


Ann-Kathrin Matthes


Nathalie Lamb


Victoria Hillestad

Julian Erhardt, Mirko Büchele